The Executive Branch, through the enactment of Decree No.631-11, puts into effect the Application Regulation of the General Migration Law No.285-04.

The Executive Branch recently enacted Decree No.631-11 with which the operation and applicability of the General Migration Law (No.285-04) is guaranteed. Said Law directs and regulates migration in the Dominican Republic, particularly with regards to the entry, stay and departure of foreigners, as well as the departure and return of Dominican nationals. This regulation outlines, in the case of foreigners in the DR, the specific provisions regarding temporary residence, permanent residence, temporary worker and students. In addition, it provides for the facilities granted to foreign investors that invest at least Two Hundred Thousand Dollars in the country, as well as the benefits applicable to foreign pensioners and persons living on an income of foreign source (No.171-07).

Decree No.631-11 clearly states the procedure to request (i) a temporary residency in the Dominican Republic, which, if granted, will be valid for a year and can be renewed; (ii) a permanent residency, which must be required 45 days before completion of a 5 year period with a temporary residency, with a validity of one year and subsequent renewals for four years; (iii) permanent residency for foreign investors under the provisions of the Investment Residency Permit Program, and (iv) permanent residency for foreign pensioners and persons living on an income of foreign source pursuant Law No.171-07.

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